TO CREATE  is a natural process and it can not be stopped whether it is imposed or not.we are always learning and creating things even if we don’t know anything and when it is imposed on anyone it  irritate u,confuse u n frustrates u but we always get something out of nothing.learning process is an ongoing process.we can not stop it until we are no more.Thinking process matters a lot when it comes to creation,because we always do things according to our psyche and psyche is what we absorb,included our all senses.Its on our past and present  experiences,how one took things(positive or negative),observational skills,thought process,learning unconsciously(we mostly learn things unconsciously than consciously).

          our mind is so powerful that one it can be mold easily in any ‘s natural. Educational role play is very important for anyone.It develops a highly sensible sense in us to see things in a different prospective.It can also be achieved by highly observatory skills.To Go beyond our imaginations to create something.then there is another thing called satisfaction,CREATIVE SATISFACTION. You do more and more until you fulfilled your desired satisfaction.If it is fulfilled then nothing matters to you anymore. You achieve mental peace (everyone have their own ways).Some people stop doing work and some people switch to other place /work.the process is still going on.We can not categorize creativity. 

mind blowing..high existance

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                                                                                      World is developing so fast now a days that if we stay behind in anything specially in Information technology then we can never meet up the world in true manner.Information technology has become so much important in everyday life that we can not think surviving without it.we found lost ourselves and cut off  from the world.our daily life depends so much on technology that we are have to educate ourselves in that manner that we can meet up to the other world level for that, we should upgrade ourselves with the updates in technology happening every day like media,computer   hardware,software,electronics,internet,telecom equipment’s etc.


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